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Ali Manuel

ScrollTrigger is not working in the second element

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Hello There,
I got a problem with my animation when I use the scrollTrigger for the second element.
Also , I can't see the markers!
any explanation ?

See the Pen gOopGeJ?editors=1010 by itsalimanuel (@itsalimanuel) on CodePen

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Hi Ali,


Did you change something in your pen because everything looks fine to me, including the markers?




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I noticed several issues, like you had auto misspelled for the body height, and there is no moredeepTrigger element. Perhaps you are looking for something like this? I just add a refresh call right after the page becomes scrollable.


See the Pen zYpGaQR by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Exactly , so the point it was to add this line ?

.add(() => ScrollTrigger.refresh())

Many thanks @OSUblake

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