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lottie animation flicks in safari

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hi guys!


my problem is, that my lottie animations, which are combined with a scrolltrigger sometimes start to flick in safari. the flickering only appears above a certain viewport.


as i said sometimes the flicking happens sometimes not. i already tried to just make the animation not fullscreen, but unfortunately it doesn't help at all. i also noticed, that the flickering is much worse if i visit the site on a ultrawide display.

i also thought about just implementing the animations as videos, but there are like 6 animations on one page, so i didn't want to let the loading time explode.


in the demo i haven't noticed any flickering so, if u want to see the full page: www.sterngasse.at


See the Pen XWzLpPR by siw (@siw) on CodePen

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Hey there! I'm afraid I can't reproduce any flickering.


This does sound more like a Lottie issue than a GSAP issue though. All ScrollTrigger is doing is playing through the Lottie animation, frame by frame like a flip book. I imagine the flickering is down to something in the Lottie world. e.g. The number of frames rendered out, the properties used in AE or the rendering option used (canvas or SVG)

Have you tried chatting to the Lottie folks over in their forums?


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okk i'm going to post there and see if anyone got a solution for my problem.


thanks for the help and quick response!

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Good luck!

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