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Vector-Effect: Non-Scaling-Stroke messing with DrawSVG

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Hey all, 


Got kind of a weird one for you today. I'm working on a site with a bunch of offset borders that need to be drawn in from bottom left on scrollTrigger. I want these borders to be 2px regardless of screeen size or SVG scale, so I'm using the vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke property. However, as you can see in the pen, that's causing a funky effect where drawSVG is segmenting the line into 100px segments and drawing them. Anyone know of a different way I can accomplish what I'm trying to do here? Thanks!

See the Pen MWONqVm by kslaton (@kslaton) on CodePen

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Hey @MadG,


Instead of lines (seemingly a problem - will be checked) use paths and put the value directly into the path data.


See the Pen RwWOKmy?editors=1010 by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy drawing ...




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And: If the path is on edge, the SVG set overflow:visible.


See the Pen ExbqGVX by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen

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Yeah, I've bumped into that before. I'm not sure why setting the vector effect as a CSS property messes with it like that, but @mikel is right. Adding it as a presentation attribute seems to make it go away. It's not a GSAP thing. You'll see the same problem animating with CSS and setting the property rather than the presentation attribute.


You can set the effect with GSAP like this:

gsap.set("line", { attr: { "vector-effect": "non-scaling-stroke" } });


See the Pen 465ba9feb6e661c9eb79ac590e2c17ec by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Happy tweening.



PS non-scaling strokes can be a little funky in Firefox when resizing. Just an FYI.

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Awesome, thanks @mikel and @PointC . After looking into it more I may just go with some absolutely positioned spans to create the edges, especially after what you're saying with FF. This is all super helpful though. 

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