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markers move after adding overflow

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Hello! I write through GOOGLE translator. I'm sorry for the mistakes :)

The animation worked perfectly until I added: overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y: auto; to any block.

When I add this, a strange problem appears. ALL markers start to move up and down after the scroll. Also the animation doesn't work until I manually resize the screen. First, I scroll until the animation fires, it does not work, I stretch or shrink the screen, and it works. This problem appears on ALL animations after adding these two lines to ANY block. If I remove overflow the problem completely disappears.

help me please

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Hello @Romanus,


It's hard for us to help without a code example.

Can you make a minimal demo for us please?


Thank you.

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See the Pen wvPYpyw by romanusss (@romanusss) on CodePen

I made an example.

All markers move and never collide.

If you remove the 2 lines in the Parallax block that I wrote about above, everything works, except for the Parallax effect.
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Hi Romanus,


You had an extra </div> in your HTML, and it looks like your parallax section is the scroller, so you would need to add that.


scroller String | Element - By default, the scroller is the viewport itself, but if you'd like to add a ScrollTrigger to a scrollable <div>, for example, just define that as the scroller. You can use selector text like "#elementID" or the element itself.


See the Pen vYWVzga by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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