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Problem with reversing then repeating a FLIP animation

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Hey all, back again. I'm stuck on a minor issue and hoping I can get some clarity. I basically need to be able to toggle back and forth between beginning and ending FLIP states as shown in the pen. If you play and reverse the first time, everything works fine, but if you try to play again after reversing, everything gets thrown off. Any ideas why this might be and how I can address it? Thanks!

See the Pen qBVMOyX by kslaton (@kslaton) on CodePen

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Disregard! I figured out that I can just do this: 

See the Pen yLPxayJ by kslaton (@kslaton) on CodePen


I was wary of this at first because I also have some other conditional stuff that needs to happen concurrently, but I'm just going to solve it by checking the target classes to see if the animation is playing forwards or backwards and execute those accordingly.

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