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Scrolltrigger pin and scrub showing extra scrollbar

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Hello, I am new to greensock animation platform. I wanted to experiment a horizontal scrolling navigation in the middle page. I am using Scrolltrigger gsap and locomotive scroll. everything seems to work well since am literally copying from greensock documentations. once i set pin and scrub to true, everything stops, extra space is also created for the vertical scrollbar. please, any help will be much appreciated.

See the Pen GROXJVO?editors=0010 by BORREE (@BORREE) on CodePen

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Welcome to the forums @johnpaul


Locomotive scroll is not a GSAP product, so we do not officially provide support for it on this forum. Those demos are just showing how to use the scrollProxy with a scroll controller.



GreenSock doesn't recommend or endorse any particular smooth scrolling library - the demos below are based on various forums posts.


Having said that, it appears that the issue might be with the data-scroll-attributes...



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