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Mahmut Demir

Nuxt.js - Trigger a GSAP animation in a visible on screen.

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I have an index.ts with several components imported. see image:




When the component is visible on my screen, i would like to trigger the animation in that specific component "gsapV1".


the code looks like this:




for now, everytime i refresh the page, the "gsapV1" is already animated. how to trigger the animation when visible on screen?



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Hi OSUblake,


thanks :). But i already use the scrolltrigger, sorry for not mentioning it. its In my index.vue:



the .myGSAP class is in the <gsapV1> tag in the very first picture i uploaded. And in that component i do some gsap magic. So my aim is, when the user scrolls down and reaches the component, the animations should start.

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The code you just posted above isn't going to do anything. Your ScrollTrigger needs to be added to the tl in your scrollAnimation method. 

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