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Issue with mouseover or callback functions

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Not sure what's going on here, could be the onComplete because I haven't used it before. But when I'm hovering some are sticking open when I've left the element and also sometimes they glitch out completely and just get stuck without the text and are no longer interactable.


I wondered if there was a check I could add see make sure the cycle completes and queues reverse or something similar? Or any other suggestions would be great

See the Pen ZEavpwW by shutt90 (@shutt90) on CodePen

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Hey Shutt90,


Is there a reason why you aren't using a timeline in this case? That's exactly what timelines are for, to queue tweens and control them easily. You can do so much with a simple timeline, you'd be amazed at the simplicity of it.


See here an example of the many ways you could organise your code using a timeline based on the code you provided:


const getProjects = document.querySelectorAll('.projects_container-outer');

function tweenIn (target) {
  const overlay = target.querySelector('.projects_container-overlay');
  const text = target.querySelector('.text');
  const tl = gsap.timeline({ paused: true });
  tl.to(overlay, {
    width: '100%',
    opacity: 100,
    duration: 0.3,
    backgroundColor: 'rgba(94, 59, 83, 0.8)'
  tl.from(text, {
    opacity: 0,
    x: 150,
    duration: 0.3
  return tl;

getProjects.forEach(project => {
  const animation = tweenIn(project);

  project.addEventListener('mouseenter', function(e) {

  project.addEventListener('mouseleave', function(e) {



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Amazing, always wondered about the timelines on GSAP but never really thought to dissect them. Thank you for sending that it's a great help to see it being used in something familiar, I can finally wrap my head around it.

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Glad to be of assistance. :)


May you go forth and animate!

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