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Muddusar Zulfiqar

Gsap Scrolltrigger Section Pin issue :(

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I have a section middle of page and into this section i have inner scroll

When user reached this section firstly pin the section until inner Scroll end then unpin the section on the parent scroll child scroll run until child scroll end....

Please i need help

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Hi @Muddusar Zulfiqar. These free forums aren't really for "here's my list of requirements...please show me how to build it" or general logic questions (please read the forum guidelines) but we'd be happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions. You're welcome to post in the Jobs & Freelance forums if you'd like to hire someone to help. 


Hint: you might be able to just set the pin end to a relative value based on the amount of scrolling in that element, like end: "+=" + (element's scroll height). 

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