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Aaron Robb

SplitText 'lines' removes <br> tags

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Is there a way around the splitText setup with "type: "lines"" to ensure it doesn't remove line breaks (<br>) when the content is wrapped in a <p>??

When using "words" or "chars" it keeps the breaks as they are, but when "lines" is selected, it removes those breaks and doesn't create new lines for them. It seems to use the outer <p> tags as what it sees as breaks, even if there is a <br> inside.

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Hi Aaron,


SplitText should work with <br> tags. Do you have minimal demo that shows the issue?

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SplitText lines aren't designed to work with nested elements. Is there any reason you don't split the <p>?

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I was going for a 'slide in from below' effect on multiple paragraphs.

So this is what it would look like, and parts like the bolded areas should have line breaks, but since it strips out any line breaks, it just looks like one solid paragraph.

See the Pen MWOooNJ by aaronrobb (@aaronrobb) on CodePen

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