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AutoAlpha que?

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OK, back again after months and months of not using GSAP – learning everything over again.


I have a very simple case of wanting to animate in a line of text – starting with it NOT being visible AT ALL.


Now, I can't for the life of me figure out how to make this happen. I've tried setting the opacity to 0, fiddling around with 'to' and 'from', fiddling with AutoAlpha true/false, 0/1 and what not ... HOW can I simply make a string of text appear letter by letter using SplitText without the text showing up initially?


And by the way, Codepen suck as it won't let me 'replay' the pen above – what happened to the "run" button once there (as far as I remember) – I seem to have to reload the entire page to rerun it, seriously?

See the Pen LYOyQqW by blaasvaer (@blaasvaer) on CodePen

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OK, problem seem to persist ... I cannot hide the element initially ... how do I do that?


Wouldn't I have to hide the element using css opacity to 0, and then – before animating it – unhide it? I had hoped GSAP would take care of that for me ... I thought that's what autoAlpha was also about.

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