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Boolean value on reverse not changing properly

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Hi all,
I have extensive code, so I took only the issue part.

There is a boolean value in my code, and I'm changing it in a timeline that I can then reverse.

The value is changing, but if you open a console and open an object, you'll see it isn't.

My question is, am I doing something wrong?
Can you help me, please?

Dock 2022-02-10 14-10-10.jpg

See the Pen VwrbKOe by ChicagoJostik (@ChicagoJostik) on CodePen

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It's working correctly. When you open the object, it's going to show the current value, not what it was at the time it logged it out. That has nothing to do with GSAP, it's just how objects work by reference in JavaScript. 


You can test it out yourself.


let obj = {
  value: false

obj.value = true;


If you need to log the actual value, it's best to just not do the object part.



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