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Dizablah The Lamot

What IDE does everyone use if any at all?

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So as I am getting refamiliarized with GSAP I was wondering what IDE y'all are using? I am right now I am back and forth between ATOM and Codepen. In Codepen I am finding it a hassle when I am uploading assets I have to "reconnect" them in my code but it offers color coding and seems to have some auto complete features. While in ATOM I can't seem to find a package that supports GSAP. So I was wondering what y'alls workflow looks like. You don't have to get into the weeds if you don't want. Just looking for some options.



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I switched to Visual Studio Code from Atom a few years ago and haven't looked back. It seems to be the industry standard IDE. I'd recommend it over anything else

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In VS Code you can easily search for extensions. It looks like the only one for code snippets for GSAP3 though (there appear to be 2 others, but they are for the older versions) is the one by Petr Tichy aka @ihatetomatoes, also mentioned in this thread.







Also there is this video from the GSAPLearningCenter, explaining how you can get Auto-Completion and hinting up and running in VS Code (and probably other Editors, too). But I personally never used any of those, so I can't be much of a help beyond pointing you towards them.





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13 hours ago, Dizablah The Lamot said:

Does it have a GSAP library?

Just to be clear, IDEs don't "have" a library really. Typically they just use TypeScript definition files to offer autocomplete/hinting. GSAP does come with TypeScript definition files, so most good IDEs will be able to offer that out of the box. 


I personally use WebStorm and it seems to work well. I've heard great things about VS Code. 



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