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ScrollTrigger Object Get Faster Just Before Finishing Animation

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Hello, I'm having trouble with scrollTrigger easing. Just before animation ending my target object gets faster and sits back to its position.

I couldn't create a codepen because there is a whole website behind but here is what my gsap code looks like.


gsap.to('#page-about .contents .container .sidebar .slogan-bar', {
        scrollTrigger: {
            trigger: "#page-about .contents .container .sidebar",
            start: "top center",
            end: "bottom center",
            scrub: 1,
            markers: true,
        ease: Power0.easeOut,
        y: 100,


And here is a video about my issue: https://streamable.com/3qc1sr

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Well I figured out the solution for my problem. If anyone having similar issue, there is a problem with transition + gsap using. By removing transition from my target object, my problem is solved.

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Yep, if you have a transition property that GSAP is animating, it going to constantly trigger the CSS transition.

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