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Jim Tim

Will GSAP Support the version 2.1.3 forever ?.

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Hello Team , I'm using Gsap version 2.1.3 for the past 3  years for a project ,I have developed some logics which works fine in the previous version,
recently i try to migrate it to version 3.9.1, most of my logics were breaking especially in MotionPathPlugin,  and some of them  were  breaking  even in tween methods ,
so i just wanna know will guys support the previous version, forever .

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You'll always have forum support, but there won't be any future updates.


I can understand that there might be some issues with MotionPathPlugin as it's a complete rewrite, but most tweens and timeline methods are backwards compatible. 


If you're having issues, feel free to posts demos showing the difference between v2 and v3, and we should be able to advise on how to fix it.


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Yeah, like Blake said I would definitely recommend updating to GSAP 3. No question. It's orders of magnitude better in so many ways. As for the MotionPathPlugin/BezierPlugin stuff, it would be FAR better to just share with us any issues you're having so that we can directly address them rather than staying stuck on a very old version of GSAP. I'm very curious to hear about any problems you're having. Minimal demos will be key to quickly addressing those.


Technically that old version could always be used (it's not like we have any plans to remove it from the Github repo), but we definitely won't actively support old versions like that in these forums. 

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