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Animation switching to rubber band scrolling after navigated with a tag

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I have a scrub animation, navigated by a Tags (scroll down arrow). When I navigate with the scroll down arrow, the scrolling switches to the rubber band scrolling. This weirdly only happens on mobile safari and isn’t reproducible on codepen…

Here’s a link to the page: Sample Page

Thank you for any hints or comments!

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VIdeo file is not opened

UPD: i can't check it on mobile safari

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3 minutes ago, _Greg _ said:

VIdeo file is not opened

Hey Greg

Is it not possible to open the video file?

If you want you could also try the demo link.


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Hi pascal, 


Have you tried using the ScrollToPlugin istead of letting the browser to the scrolling?




Also, there is a helper function to stop overscroll on Safari, but I don't know if that is related to your issue.




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