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Updating height variable within timeline and ScrollTrigger water resize

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I'm just trying to figure out something with timeline and ScrollTrigger.

Does setting invalidateOnResize:true let the timeline that I'm scrolling with scrolltrigger use updated variables?


I have a red dot that travels from the top green dot to the bottom one.

If you take a look in the pin, the blue line has a dynamic height, the travelog the red dot is taken from this line.
If I resize the new height isn't taken into account.


How do I let the timeline about this updated height?







See the Pen WNXNGOJ by whpcreative (@whpcreative) on CodePen

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1 hour ago, 11933_1494126574 said:


I think you mean invalidateOnRefresh (not resize). What this does, resets the starting and ending values, so if there's a change it can accommodate for that. However, in your example, you'll want your y value to be functional rather than a just a set variable that's just getting calculated once (the timeline isn't calculating the value in your example) eg:


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That's great, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Along with the above I still needed to make sure I was using 'fromTo' in the timeline, as just using 'to' gets wiped on the invalidate step.


See the Pen WNXNGOJ by whpcreative (@whpcreative) on CodePen

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