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Loaded SWF accesing a method in the Main Document Class

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I have an SWF with timeline animation loaded via Loadermax and I'm trying to access a method inside my Main Document Class from the 50th frame in my loaded SWF but no luck so far.


I tried putting MovieClip(parent.parent) in the 50th frame




if (parent is MovieClip) {


// downcast parent to MovieClip assinging

// it to a new variable

var par:MovieClip = MovieClip(parent); // or: parent as MovieClip;




and no luck so far.


Anybody know a way to do this. TIA



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Keep in mind that SWFLoader will load your swf into a ContentDisplay object - THAT'S the object that gets added to your parent swf's stage (or wherever you decide to put it). So the hierarchy is like:


main swf > SWFLoader's ContentDisplay Sprite > subloaded swf


(assuming you put it on the root level of the stage)


And ContentDisplay is a Sprite, not a MovieClip.


Does that clear things up for you? If you're still having trouble, feel free to post a sample set of FLA files (doesn't have to be your production files).

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Thanks Jack for the quick response!


Based in ur hierarchy, parent.parent should work, but still no luck.


Here's what I have:






public class Main extends MovieClip{


public var device:Sprite = new Sprite ;


public function Main():void{





public function init():void{

subUI = new SWFLoader("External.swf",{name:section,



x: X,

y: Y,



onProgress: subUIProgress,

onComplete: subUIComplete});



Loaded = true;

isOn = true;



public function FunctionTest():void{

trace("Function Test");








on 50th frame from the action panel, I wrote:


if (parent.parent is MovieClip) {

var par:MovieClip = MovieClip(parent.parent);





There's really no actionscript in the loaded SWF except for the last frame which I wrote above.

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Worked like a charm for me (see attached).


There must be something else funky in your file/code - looks like you're putting it in a container named "device", so you'd need to go one more level up, like parent.parent.parent. You might want to look into using a static function so that you could simply do Main.FunctionTest();

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Thanks I just got it too and about to post it here ! parent.parent.parent did it. Ur right, it is device's child.

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