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i am using scroll trigger plugin for smooth scrolling but i am getting this error


Any solutions?


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11 minutes ago, Saqib110 said:

i am using scroll trigger plugin for smooth scrolling but i am getting this error


It looks, like you are actually not using ScrollTrigger for the smooth-scrolling, but rather smooth-scrollbar.js, which is a third party plugin. Due to the way it works, you won't be able to use GSAP's ScrollTo Plugin with it.


Smooth-Scrollbar does have a ScrollTo method of its own, which you can find more info on in their API documentation





You can find an example usecase of it in this thread here e.g.





If you do want to use a ScrollTrigger-native approach for the smooth-scrolling, there is an example of a helper function for that on the .scrollerProxy() documentation page - it should work just fine with the ScrollTo-Plugin, too (which you can see in the demo below, when you click anywhere - I attached a click event to the body there). I hope that'll help - happy scrolling!


See the Pen PoJMrxp by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen




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