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Problem with ScrollTrigger

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Hello! sorry I'm just starting with gsap, and I can't find the solution to these problems:

The first is that when you want to mount the component again by clicking on 'quote' it appears with low opacity.

And the second problem, is trying to use scrollTrigger, I can't make the animation display when I reach the icon, I have to go even lower from the screen so that the animation is just done

Both problems can be seen in the screenshot and  attached video, thank you very much in advance!




I do not understand why the animation is not performed when reaching the object

See the Pen jOGgGxM by Camiloignaval (@Camiloignaval) on CodePen

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Hey there!

As we mention in the forum guidelines - we can usually help more effectively if you provide a minimal demo, codepen is great for this.

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I already understood my problem, and apparently I won't be able to solve it since the component is conditionally mounted later, but if you could help me why when refreshing the element, it remains transparent please

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I noticed a few problems:

  1. You're pinning the very same thing you're trying to animate. You shouldn't do that - pinning requires special handling of various properties including transforms - you can simply pin a container element instead.
  2. You were loading multiple GSAP files - one in a <script> tag and another in an import statement from skypack. 
  3. You had some odd start/end values that would keep it offscreen during at least part of the animation. 

Is this more like what you're looking for? 

See the Pen JjrgLXz?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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