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Simultaneous y-axis animation?

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My current animation is almost exactly like it should be, yet I would like it to


a) end up in the same y-value it was before, just slide up to that spot. Currently it's moving from it's original value up 25px and thereby above where it should be.

b) have the animations start shortly after another so they run almost simultaneously, not one after another. 


The code (screencapture because for some reason I dont have any more file size here) https://gyazo.com/999d0beaf6d7f73e27549bdbf001ced2


How would this be achieved with ScrollTrigger?




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Hi josch,


Can you put that in a minimal demo? We can't look at a snippet of code and tell what's going on, especially with ScrollTrigger as it very dependent on your layout.


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  • Solution

Thanks for the demo!


You're animating from it's current position to -25, so you need to switch that around, which you can do with a from  or fromTo animation or by using gsap.set() to initially position them and then use a to animation.


And to have them staggered, you can use the stagger property.


See the Pen bGoPyMp by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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I wasn't aware that you could also use the "fromTo" on a timeline, that's a great thing to know for the future -

Thank you very much for the tips!



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3 minutes ago, _josch said:

I wasn't aware that you could also use the "fromTo" on a timeline


Yep! All the methods available for the Timeline are on the left hand side in the docs.




Just be careful with from and fromTo animations as you may need to use the immediateRender property for animations that don't happen at the start of the Timeline.



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