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codepen - can't make scrollerProxy ScrollTrigger work with Smooth-scrollbar

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Hi there,
48hrs later, 3rd day of trying -- all google result links are blue now && gsap forum threads.
I know the code by heart every line now (at least I feel like it).
I am missing something ridiculously obvious.

ScrollTrigger works without SmoothScroll, and vica versa.
Its either ScrollerProxy -- something that I am not doing right.
Or its the CSS of the containers.....

The worst bit, I've made this work before... 6months ago, using loco, and in production.
But now... I really don't know why....
By all accounts it SHOULD work!
Heres a quick codesandbox. 

In scroller.js is the main setup.


Thank so you much senpai





so the codesandbox works straight up -- and I can't recreate the complexity of the source code atm, so I will keep on digging.

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  • vsimak changed the title to codepen - can't make scrollerProxy ScrollTrigger work with Smooth-scrollbar

Hey @vsimak


Since you said your codesandbox works straight up, the problems you encountered will likely not be related to that, but I noticed you were having an onStart-callback on that ScrollTrigger in there. While tweens and timelines do have those, ScrollTriggers do not - maybe you were going for onEnter there?


As I said, it might very well not be the cause of your problems - just wanted to make sure :) 

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