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Problem with onMouseEnter and onMouse

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Hello! I have the following problem with onmouseEnter and onmouseLeave in react, when I move the mouse slowly it works without problems, but when I move the mouse quickly the images remain large, I don't understand please, if you could help me please, thank you very much

I will leave a video with the sample, since I did not put it in codepen, and the code, thank you very much!


pd: if you could help me if it is possible, that when you do mouseEnter, it stays in the middle of the screen and when you do mouseLeave, return to the position, but since it works with e.target, I have not been able to do it with the timeline play and reverse (). I tried anyway but I didn't succeed


const onEnter = (e) => {
		gsap.to(e.target, 1, {
			opacity: 1,
			rotate: 360,
			scale: 2,
			duration: 1,
			ease: "power3.in",
	const onLeave = (e) => {
		gsap.to(e.target, {
			opacity: 1,
			rotation: "-360",
			scale: 1,
			duration: 0.5,


<h1 className='titleSkill titleFront pl-5 '>FRONTEND</h1>
			<div className='iconosFront d-flex row'>
				{front.map((logo) => (

Video problem

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Hi @camiloignaval :)


Welcome to the forum.


Looks to me like you'll need to set the overwrite property to true in those tweens. (It's false by default) You could also create a timeline for each element and play/reverse it on enter/leave.


Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening and welcome aboard.


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you're the best! that was the problem! thousand thanks!

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