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CodePen Pro - Thoughts?

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Hi gang, I've been thinking about going pro with the CodePen, and wanted to know from those that have, if it is worth it.   Do you find that you would be sad if you cancelled? Did/do you like others like codesandbox instead?   Where do you find CodePen most useful?


Thanks in advance,
- Jason

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I like the ability up upload assets and create private pens. I prefer it over codesandbox, mainly for ease of use.

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Totally worth it in my opinion. CodePen is such an amazing tool. I like funding things that are so useful even if the features it unlocks by going "pro" aren't absolutely essential. I definitely like being able to have "private" pens, and the collab mode can be super cool. Oh, and debug mode...yes, that's essential for testing, especially on mobile devices. 


Plus I know many of the people who work there and they're some of the best in the business. 

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Definitely worth it. Private pens are a must. You get a quite a bit of asset storage. Debug is super helpful.  I use the custom embed themes for my motiontricks.com tutorials.


Plus, as Jack mentioned, it's good to support useful products and services like CodePen. 


My two cents. YMMV.



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Your motion tricks tutorials "are the reason" I'm finally going to pull the trigger on pro. Although I've been using codePen for years, I never thought about it, but I've been dabbling with GSAP this past year and your viewBox tutorial was the one that inspired me to start collecting my work.  

Thank you for those BTW.  They're great!

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