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Need a GS Developer ASAP who Understands Horizontal Sliders

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Hi @Your WordPress Team! I'm not sure you'll find someone to do this TODAY, but I would strongly recommend that you create a minimal demo, like in CodePen, and post that here along with your GSAP-specific question.  It’s just significantly more difficult (and time-consuming) to troubleshoot a live web site. 

My guess is that you just need to add some extra time into your timeline that’s got the ScrollTrigger on it - I assume you want things to slide on the screen and stay for a little while (people need to scroll further), right? So you can use the position parameter to control exactly where the animations go in the timeline. You might also want to consider implementing ScrollTrigger’s “snap” feature so that when the user stops scrolling, it snaps to the closest section and doesn’t get stuck in-between. See the docs for that. 
Good luck!
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