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Hi all,


I make a lot of banners for clients (thanks Gsap !) and making backup gif is always really boring.

So, as a former Flash developer, I made a GIF generator, really simple to use and easy to customize.

You just have to drag the html file in the window, and it detects the size of the banner if the folder contains the dimensions (like "300x250").

You take snapshots with CTRL key (useful shortcut!) or with the button, and you can adjust the time for each screen. If you have multiple banners with different formats, you can save the timing so that you don't have to re-do it for each.

If you don't want GIF, you can also create JPG or PNG. All files created (gif, png, jpg) will be put in the same folder of the banner, named like "300x250.gif".


This is an early version of this program, in fact I made this for me to save *A LOT* of time, and I said to myself maybe some other people would like to save time too :)


This is a program for Windows only, because I can not compile for OSX, I don't own a Mac. If someone with Adobe Animate and a Mac can help me, it would be nice.

That's it for the moment ! Any comment to improve it is helpful, hope you'll like and use it !

Link to the EXE file : https://zanorg.com/GIFGenerator.zip


Here is a screenshot of the app with comments 

And sorry for english mistakes, I'm french !




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Spoken as a former banner dev - You're doing gods work here. Backup gifs were the bane of my life.

Good job @kek


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Hi Kek, great tool! :)


There's however an online backup ad generator for HTML5 ads, and it works quite fast. See here:




It takes a high-quality screenshot of the last frame of an HTML5 creative. You can set the maximum file size of the image, and you have the option to export to PNG, JPG or WebP. You can also use the API to auto-generate backup images.


That having said, your tool is much more sophisticated. Well done! :)


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Mmmh it doesn't seem to exist anymore ?

But I remember seeing it, it doesn't create an animated Gif, only the last screen. That's why I developed this tool, to fit exactly my needs :)

If needed I can add options, don't hesitate if you like it.

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In Ad Reform you can upload HTML ads in bulk and it will generate multiple images or frames of the ad. You can also choose the specific frequency or timings that you want to capture images of the animated ads. 


You can also use our free tool (previewads.com) if you just need one frame/image. 




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This is fantastic! It's clear that you've put a lot of thought and effort into creating this GIF generator, and it's great to hear that it's been a time-saver for you. The feature where it automatically detects banner dimensions and allows for quick snapshots with CTRL key or the button is very user-friendly. Plus, the option to save in multiple formats is a nice touch for flexibility.

It's understandable that the program is for Windows only due to your limitations with compiling for OSX, but hopefully, someone with Adobe Animate and a Mac can lend a hand in the future.

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