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How can I draw an SVG from its starting point to its full version?

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Hi @animationmagic :)


DrawSVG won't work on any of these elements because they are all filled paths.  DrawSVG only works on strokes. If you simply want the scale to start at the lower right of your leaf, you can change the transformOrigin like this.


See the Pen 6fedd968003847755d5385b3f99edeb0 by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Happy tweening and thanks for being a Club member. We really appreciate the support.



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Hi @PointC,


Thanks so much for your help. This is great!


I added it in, but it seems I am missing something since the right leaf comes in from way to the right side. Am I missing something on the transformOrigin?


See the Pen ZEXjRyJ by lisaschumann (@lisaschumann) on CodePen


Absolutely love GSAP!


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The right leaf needs to grow from the lower left so it would be:

transformOrigin: "0% 100%",
  // or this works too
transformOrigin: "left bottom",

Make sense?



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PS I should also mention, since this is an SVG, you can also use the very handy svgOrigin. So this would work too.


    .from("#leafs > *", {
      scale: 0,
      svgOrigin: "192 192",
      duration: 1.4,
      ease: "power1.inOut",
      stagger: 0.5

Happy tweening.



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