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Questions About Licensing

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I couldn't found right place to write this, so I'm going to ask here, sorry.

I read pages about licensing but I would like to know some points before joining club.


1- What happens to my projects(commercial use/other) when 1 year license ends and I wont renew my license.

2- I saw there is a developer limit or BusinessGreen. What does that limit mean? For example can we(me and my friend) use all plugins and sources?

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Hi manidar,


After your license ends, you'll lose access to updates to the bonus plugins. However, you should keep it active for as long as you are selling/licensing a product that requires the commercial license that comes with our Business Green membership. Products that you sold in the past do not fall out of compliance when your membership lapses. If you don't want to worry about the commercial license expiring, we offer a permanent license that also includes 3 years of updates to the bonus plugins.


The limit is for the number of developers who will actually be using GSAP, so if it's just you and your friend, then you would need to select 2 developers from the drop down box. 


Make sense?


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Yep, Blake is exactly right. And to be clear, if your membership expires nothing will change on your client websites. We don’t inject “phone home” scripts to verify your license status. Functionality doesn’t suddenly stop upon expiration. Inspect the code for yourself if you’d like to verify (that’s why we provide the raw source code). We treat others the way we’d want to be treated.


Our entire licensing model (which you can read about at https://greensock.com/why-license/) is based on the honor system.


In terms of developer count, it’s based on the number of people who would actually use GreenSock tools. It’s not intended to be a license that gets passed around from person-to-person, like “Hey Sally, can you stop using GSAP for 5 minutes so I can update something?” So if a company has 2 developers who use GSAP from time to time, they should get a license that covers 2 developers. You can always upgrade later too.


I look forward to seeing that fancy Club badge next to your avatar soon, @manidar:)

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Thanks a lot for details. I loved capability of gsap and support forums while using free version. That's the main reasons for me to want to join club. @GreenSock I hope to join soon too.

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