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Animate an External Svg w. GreenSock

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I wanted to animate an external Svg w. GreenSock/Gsap.

I have used svg paths for the letters.

Here is the result.

My external Svg is a Codepen asset.




Edit : The animation is now created after the SVG has loaded using fetch(" ...") and async/await.

           The animation is triggered on 'page load'.

See the Pen qBPpvVo by steinarV (@steinarV) on CodePen

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Following advice from GreenSock
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You need to create your animation after the SVG has loaded. The window load event does not include ajax calls like that, so you'll have to use a callback provided by XMLHttpRequest.


Another option using fetch...


See the Pen OJgppgX by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen



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