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Canvas + ScrollTrigger

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Trying to get an animation working together from a couple of examples.


I've got the perfect setup for the SVG path and speed, but this is a single path, I'm of the understanding that I require this so be done via Canvas if I want to apply a rough brush effect seen here — 

See the Pen GJrxdR by lbebber (@lbebber) on CodePen


Unless there is another way to apply a rough brush effect and maintain an animation, but I suspect not as it needs to follow a single path?


Couldn't find any examples that mix this brush effect and canvas.



See the Pen ZEXveqV by CHEWX (@CHEWX) on CodePen

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Thanks, I used a mask!


It's a bit dis-jointed and feels hacky, I think using Canvas would be better, but it's fine for my example.

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