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Daniel Drummond

How to pin a div and move the image inside using ScrollTrigger

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I have an image that is the background in a div, I want to have a parallax effect when the scroll is activated. I'm already managing to do the effect, but it's influencing the div I use as a "mask" of the image. I have this logic:


As you can see , the div with the section-parallax class is smaller when I move the scroll and I want only the image to move.. 

I want to fix the div I use as a mask to a size, just move the image inside it.


I'm new to GSAP and have been doing a lot of research to create the effects I need and to learn more, sorry if it's a silly question.



See the Pen LYzzxrK by drummond-dev (@drummond-dev) on CodePen

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I forgot a detail
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Welcome to the forums @Daniel Drummond


I'm trying to understand what you're trying to do. Do you have a link to a site that does something similar to the effect you're going after?


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Hi blake,

I don't have it, let me try to explain it better to see if you can help me.

In the design of the page, there's this image with the text on top. My client wants when we use the scroll to have a parallax effect on the image. But it has to stay in the same place and size. So I created a div to use it as a "mask", the correct size like this in the design and the image is bigger than this div. To be able to apply the parallax or Y-motion effect.


Did I explain myself better? And thanks for the help.

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Gotcha. You just need to make your image taller than the mask, and then animate the difference.


See the Pen bGooWwy by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen



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oh man thanks a lot!!


that's exactly it, now I'm going to study to learn more. thank you very much helped me a lot

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