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Simple countdown not working

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It's probably going to be very obvious lol but I am new here, and pretty new to coding too. 


I am building a game and trying to make some countdown, from 3 to 0, before the game actually starts. 


See the CodePen to get what I have done so far. Not working as intented, who would've guessed 🤣


The effects are what I am looking for, sorta, but it does display only 1, then 1, then 1... Not 3, 2, 1 😔

See the Pen jOGmNVw by LVH75 (@LVH75) on CodePen

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  • Solution

Hi @LuciusVH :)


Welcome to the forum.


When you call a function like that, you need to use onStartParams. You'd have something like this:

onStart: countdown, onStartParams:[3]

Loops and repeats can be quite helpful for something like a countdown. Here's another way to approach it. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.


See the Pen mdBmdMB by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Happy tweening and welcome aboard.



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Yeaaay amazing!! Thanks for your help :) 


I have a feeling that I'm gonna love GSAP 😍

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Off-topic (!NOT about GSAP):

About counters watch video from "google chrome developers" chanel, they say about all problems with counters in one video

They create optimal solution 

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But if you're using GSAP, you wouldn't need to worry about that because GSAP accurately handles time.

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