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Guest Babak20

Adding pagination for slideshow

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I know the best practice is to use GSAP right now, but in one of our projects we use Diagonal slideshow which is pretty cool and it has been coded with tweenmax. Right now, we want to add pagination, so it works with indexes too, like all other sliders, but I couldn't figure it out since I'm newbie and the code is kind of complicated for me and I hoped maybe you can help me with this request.

See the Pen LYzxmQX by babak20 (@babak20) on CodePen

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Hi there Babak,


I'm afraid It's beyond the scope of these forums to provide custom solutions.

If you need someone to help you understand or modify the code provided by codrops I suggest hiring someone over in our freelance forums.

A little extra note - tweenMax is GSAP, it's just an older version. Check out the migration guide for more information about porting over!

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