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ScrollTrigger > Div must appear and disapear with opacity and without moving on the screen

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Hello green fellas!


What I'm trying to accomplish is I think very simple but I'm still stuck on it.


This is what I want when an user scroll :

-> while the user is scrolling, the div must appear slowly (with opacity) at the center of the screen

-> when opacity is at 1, keep it like that and do nothing for some defined px/vh while keep scrolling

-> when those px/vh are ended then change the opacity from 1 to 0 while user keep scrolling

-> go to next div/section and do the same


So the div must appear on the center of the screen and disapear on the center of the screen.

(And I need to do the same with the following div's).


Here is a codepen of what I tried.



Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


See the Pen poWRLeM by Korpinz (@Korpinz) on CodePen

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