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Gsap, Responsive Logo with svg and splitText

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The function 'updateSize' makes a jump when display size height (h) = display size width (w).

How can I rewrite the function 'updateSize' with Gsap to give a soft, linear scaling from desktop to mobile ?

Can I use Gsap easing ?



See the Pen MWEKEqo by steinarV (@steinarV) on CodePen

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Just animate the values...

gsap.to(svgbox, { scale: 1 });
gsap.to(wrapper, { marginTop: 0 });
gsap.to("html", { "--mySize": svgbox.offsetWidth * 0.1 + 'px'})


Although animating stuff during resize is probably not the best idea as there is going to be a lot of layout thrashing as the browser has to recalculate the position of everything.


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