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Oliver Chen

Could the first target repeat start before the last one finish timeline animation?

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Hi everyone

it's me again, thanks Zach Sucier and Cassie help me compelete last Issue, result like this url:


 I face another question is could timeline animation repeat start before the last item finish animation?


lastItem(first round timeline animation) ---- firstItem(second round timeline animation)----secondItem(second round timeline animation)


should I add another timeline follow the previous one?

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Hi @Oliver Chen. I read your question a few times but I don't understand, sorry. 


A repeat will always repeat the whole animation, of course, but if you need to loop over a subset of an animation, you can pause it and then use another tween to animate its playhead, sorta like:

let tl = gsap.timeline({paused: true});

// only animate to the 10-second spot, and repeat.
gsap.to(tl, {time: 10, repeat: -1}); 


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Thanks for the reply, let me think about it


Maybe it would be better to use pic to describe my question.

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Sorry, that didn't help me understand. I think I'm even more confused now :) 


You can have total control over where things are placed in the timeline using the position parameter


Perhaps it would help if you simplified things to only 3 boxes and provide a CodePen demo. If you can find a video example of what you're looking for, that would help too (or another web site with a similar effect). 

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Here is a shorten version animation, box0 will wait box2 reach the final position, then jump into start position, could I make this animation like a loop, while boxes reach final position, they show on the start position and enter next loop one by one?


And here is the codesand box which  I code this animation, it works the same function as codepen.



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