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How to make 3d horizontal flip in canvas using fabricjs and gsap

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There are some issue in canvas when implements 3d horizontal flip.

Is there a way to make a horizontal flip animation in canvas - fabricjs?

Thanks in advance.


Screenshot 2021-12-03 205058.png

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Welcome to the forums @andreislusari


Did you have a GSAP-specific question? And as far as I know, fabric does not do 3d. For a 3d canvas, you would probably have to use something like three.js.

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Hi @OSUblake

Thanks for your reply.

I am not finding 3d canvas, just looking for 3d-like view in canvas animation.

As you can see, red outlines is flipping. 

Can it be implemented into canvas?

Thanks again.

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I don't know. That would be a question more for fabric.js. GSAP is an animation engine, so it doesn't control how stuff gets rendered. 

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