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How to Create Image hover zoom and paralax effect in GSAP

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Hello Friends,

I am New Learner  In GSAP Plugin. I saw a this https://www.davidwilliambaum.com/ website use this Image Hover Zoom and Parallax Effect. I'm interest to create this animation.

Can anyone please help me to create this animation.

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This seems rather complex, and if you are a new learner it might be a bit steep, but it is surely doable.

The site you mention at first glance seems not to use gsap, but it seems to me, that at several stage gsap will be very helpful in recreating something similar.


To lend you a hand it would be very helpful to know how your level of understanding of javascript, html, css the DOM etc. is.

Also it would be rather helpful in my experience if you could elaborate on what parts of the page you would like to use as inspiration for you page, what you general concept is....
And if you can show us what you have tried already if anything is also very helpful for those who try to help.

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Hi @Shakibdshy,


This site is using webGL and is built by this developer - https://timroussilhe.com/

He uses a custom framework for his sites - so there's a lot more than GSAP going on here and it's unfortunately far beyond the scope of these forums to help you build.

However! It's definitely achievable with enough hard work, learning and time. If you want some advice on where to start learning GSAP I recommend Carl's creative coding courses. - https://www.creativecodingclub.com/bundles/creative-coding-club

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