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Hover animation

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Hi! I'm kinda new in the whole javascript thing, and I need a little help. 

I want to make a hover animation, when I hover on the "works" text, I want my image to disappear, but after that it doesn't come back :(

The text class is ".works" and the image is ".col-one". I found this code in the forum, but I can't figure out the reverse function. 



let box = document.querySelector(".works");
"mouseover", () => {
let droop = document.querySelectorAll(".col-one")
let droopy = gsap.utils.toArray(droop);
let move = gsap.to(droop, {
opacity: 0,
duration: 1,
ease: "power1.out",})



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Welcome to the forums @Davidstr


If you want to toggle an animation by hovering, it's usually best to create your animation outside of the listener, kind of like this.


See the Pen yLzNRKP by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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