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GSAP Hover Timeline Animation

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i created this simple Hover animation, the problem im facing is when im hovering from left to right or in ascending order the animation is running good but if i go from right to left or descending order the animation play after the previous animation as "reverse animation" get complete. i use z index 2 logic so i can stop the current element from being overlap which is only working when we are moving left to right or in ascending order.

i want the animation to play while moving "right to left or descending order" same as its playing right now for "left to right or in ascending order"


See the Pen GRMKVQg by AkhilRaja (@AkhilRaja) on CodePen

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Hi Akhil,


You would need to change the zIndex before the animation starts, kind of like this...


See the Pen QWqWpNN by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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