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Hi is there anyway to tween a non native flash property with tweenLite.

I want to use an object to hold a property called specialRotation for example and I want to update that property using tweenlite.to, how can I achieve.


I tried using a getter and setter but that didn't work.


var obj:Object = new Object();
private function get specialRotation():Number
return obj.specialRotation;

private function set specialRotation(value:Number):void
obj.specialRotation = value;

TweenLite.to(obj, 1, {specialRotation:90, onUpdate:onUpdateTest } );

private function onUpdateTest():void
trace("working = "+specialRotation);

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Absolutely - I do it all the time. TweenLite/Max will tween ANY numeric property of ANY object.


var obj:Object = new Object();
obj.specialRotation = 0;

TweenLite.to(obj, 2, {specialRotation:100, onUpdate:onUpdateTest});

function onUpdateTest():void {
   trace("specialRotation: " + obj.specialRotation);


If your object is an instance of a custom class, you could use a getter/setter to do special stuff whenever the tweening value gets updated. Or just use an onUpdate like above.



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