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Accordion Timeline Not Working on First Click

Go to solution Solved by Cassie,

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Hi everyone,


I've got an issue with an accordion that I cobbled together after viewing a thread on here. Zachs original pen used a basic tween to toggle open/close states

See the Pen gOWGKQZ by ZachSaucier (@ZachSaucier) on CodePen


I ammended mine slightly to use a timeline to tween the accordion content and animate the menu icon. Works fine however I have to click the accordion menu item twice before it works? After the first item is expanded everything works as it should but I can't figure out why that extra click is required at the start? Any help would be great. My accordion function:


function initAccordion() {

  const accordion = select('.js-accordion');

  if (!accordion) {


    const groups = gsap.utils.toArray('.js-accordion__group');
    const menus = gsap.utils.toArray('.js-accordion__menu');
    const animations = [];

    groups.forEach(group => createAnimation(group));

    menus.forEach(menu => {
      menu.addEventListener('click', () => toggleAnimation(menu));

    function toggleAnimation(menu) {
      // Save the current state of the clicked animation
      const selectedReversedState = menu.animation.reversed();
      // Reverse all animations
      animations.forEach(animation => animation.reverse());
      // Set the reversed state of the clicked accordion element to the opposite of what it was before

    function createAnimation(element) {
      const menu = element.querySelector('.js-accordion__menu');
      const box  = element.querySelector('.js-accordion__content');
      const icon  = element.querySelector('.js-accordion__icon');
      gsap.set(box, { height: 'auto'})
      gsap.set(icon, { rotation: 90})

      const tlAccordion = gsap.timeline({
        paused: !0,
        onComplete: updateLoco
      // Keep a reference to the animation on the menu item itself
        .from(box, {
          height: 0, 
          duration: 0.5, 
          ease: 'power1.inOut'
        .to(icon, {
        }, '<');
      menu.animation = tlAccordion;




Many thanks in advance



See the Pen bGryvWe by mulegoat (@mulegoat) on CodePen

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Thanks for popping in with some Partridge lorem ipsum. This made me laugh. 😂

Taking a look now - stand by 👀

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Back of the net! Thank you Cassie.


God I'm such a goon 

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Client on viewing the accordion:



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4 minutes ago, OSUblake said:

Just wanted to show off how easy it is to make accordions with the Flip Plugin.


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Well done, @OSUblake. Yeah, animating with the FLIP technique is like a whole different way of thinking and in many cases, it greatly simplifies things. 

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