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Alex Jester

Hide version number

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This is a technical question. For security reasons we've been recommended to hide all version numbers from all javascript plugins and libraries.

Is it possible to do this with GSAP?

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Hey there Alex.


I understand that with platforms like wordpress - knowing the version number provides routes for hackers to get in via known vulnerabilities, but this isn't the case at all with GSAP - there's no security issues that would arise from people knowing the version you're using.

GSAP doesn't handle any sensitive data at all.

You may be able to obfuscate your package.json in some way? But I'm not sure to what end.

Hope this helps!

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@Cassie That's exactly what I've told them, but thanks to your answer they believe me now... I think the issue is with them updating the procedure.

Thank you!

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Ah brilliant. Glad to have helped!

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