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trigger scroll for different columns like a jackpot machine

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Hey y'all,


I have a tricky question: I have a set of columns with images that are scrollable. the parent element is set to a height of 100vh and an overflow of hidden as you can see in the code pen provided.


What i want:

when I scroll on the page, i want each div to scroll and every nth column to reverse scroll. Would be nice if i didn't need to set the overflow to auto of the columns so i won't see the sidebars of each column, but that's a bit of an extra.

The effect I am trying to get is similar to what you see in a jackpot machine, but instead of pressing a button, you use a scroll event.


Thanks in advance for the help/tips


See the Pen BadeLyd by imane-ben (@imane-ben) on CodePen

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Hi nami,


I would start off by getting the animation looking how you want it first, and then adding in scrolling functionality later. To make a vertical loop, this thread should point you in the right direction.



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Hey there nami.


This thread here might help, too - it contains a helper function by @GreenSock for the verticalLoop



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