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SplitText plugin no longer included in Shockingly Green@3.8.0 ?

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I've been a Shockingly Green member through work for about a year now. I noticed that on previous projects, we had

"gsap": "npm:@gsap/shockingly@3.7.0"

package.json file and the SplitText plugin was included in the node_modules/gsap folder as expected. Here's a screenshot of our /gsap/all.js file on version 3.7.0: 



However, I've upgraded to version 3.8.0 on our latest project, and all the bonus exports are commented out. The corresponding JS files are completely missing, so I cannot use `SplitText` plugin anymore:

"gsap": "npm:@gsap/shockingly@3.8.0"



Why are they unavailable on version 3.8+? Is this by mistake?

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Hey @marquizzo,


They're all here for me. Could you give me any more info? I'm not sure what tool you're using that would automatically comment out the files.

I also don't see a membership associated with your account. Is it linked to a different email?

 Screenshot 2021-11-22 at 11.05.46.pngall

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This is really interesting, I just re-installed version 3.8.0but this time it didn't comment out those exports, and all the files are included. I wonder if maybe my bundler that comes with react-scripts decided to remove unused files for some reason? Either way, thanks for your help!

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Glad you got it working, @marquizzo. It sounds like your environment was pulling in the standard/public files rather than the members-only stuff from the private repository. 


I'm still curious how you got access to that private repo since your account doesn't seem to have any membership associated with it and there's no @dyadstudios.com accounts either. Hint: our entire business model relies on the honor system. :)🤞


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Oh, yeah. I work for a creative agency that owns this Club Greensock account. I like using my personal e-mail address in forums so when I get a new job I don't lose all that history.

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I see. Cool. It would be helpful for them to add you as a developer in their Account Dashboard so that you get the badge and it's clear. Plus it helps ensure that they've got the appropriate number of developers covered (sometimes companies get a single-developer license and then share that with like 10 developers which is not appropriate). You don't need to change anything on your account (keep the same email address and everything) - they just need to assign one of their licenses to you, that's all. 


Anyway, thanks for being a loyal GSAP user! Good luck with the projects. 

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