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Animate flag smooth

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Hi, I'm trying to animate flag but when add the animation the top part of flag cut and the animation not smooth .

See the Pen jOLJqga by roleno (@roleno) on CodePen

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Hey there @rala


Key to this visual trickery is to first get the SVG prepared correctly, meaning creating a pattern that seamlessly repeats horizontally and stays withing the bounds of one plain axis (don't know how else to say that, hope it still makes sense) - yours is off on the vertical axis, it sort of moves up diagonally, that's why when you animate it on the x-axis horizontally, it will get cut off by the clip-path.


Here's a visualization of what I mean by the above



To make it animate smoothly you will need to set an ease of none on your tween (which I would preferably choose an xPercent for actually).


Hope this helps a bit. Happy tweening :) 



See the Pen 269fb9e218ef1f1f35b36d3b2c0506d0 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen





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Your SVG was not optimised. @akapowl optimised it in his pen. In future you can use SVGMO for this. 

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