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Simple way set scope (delayedCall/killTweensOf)

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Hello! Is it possible to easily set scope without storing additional variables?

For example in pixi.js I can do:

target.on('event', this.func, this); // this code inside the class. Last argument is scope (instance of class).

target.off('event', this.func, this); // no need to set id or store additional variables. Just also specify scope.


given that there is a lot of code in classes and often you need to specify the context, I think it's really more convenient, than:

  1. tween = gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func.bind(this)); gsap.killTweensOf(tween) // need to store a variable
  2. gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func.bind(this)).vars.id = 'id'; gsap.killTweensOf('id') // need to come up with id


I would like to see:
gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func, this);

gsap.killTweensOf(this.func, this);

Thanks for help:)


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Hi Igor,


I would just bind the method ahead of time, like in the constructor.

this.func = this.func.bind(this);


gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func)


Or use an arrow function.

gsap.delayedCall(1, () => this.func());


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Also, you can use a function as a property and there is no need to bind.


class Foo {
  func = () => {
    console.log("THIS", this)
  constructor() {
    this.msg = "hello"
    gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func) // works


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