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Stagger with array parameter to timeline.add()

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Hi, in GSAP v2 it was possible to add nested timelines to a main timeline with a stagger by specifying two additional parameters like so:

const timelines = [tl1, tl2, tl3];
const mainTimeline = new TimelineMax(...);

mainTimeline.add(timelines, 0, 'start', 0.1);

How can I achieve a stagger when adding a possibly unknown number of nested timelines in GSAP v3? It seems that this functionality has been abandoned since timeline.add() only takes 2 parameters now.

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Hey @d-sheep,

Welcome to the forums!


You can still pass a position parameter - so you could do something like this -

timelines.forEach((tl, i) => {
 mainTimeline.add(tl, i * 0.1)

Hope this helps!

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