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Particles, nested timeline, repeat problem

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I have 2 functions:  generateParticles and animateParticles ( w. an inner timeline ).

I also have a 'Main Timeline':  gsap.timeline( { repeat: -1 } ).call( animateParticles, [numParticles - 1], '-=0' );

The problem is that 'animateParticles' executes only ONE time - the function will NOT repeat.

How can I make the function 'animateParticles' repeat itself after the first execution - play multiple times ?


See the Pen QWMZxOB by steinarV (@steinarV) on CodePen

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  • Solution

Hey there @SteinarvDesign,

I may be misunderstanding - so apologies if so - but are you sure you want to call that function multiple times?

Maybe an easier way would be to just repeat the timeline created inside that function?


let pTimeLine = gsap.timeline({repeat: -1});


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