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Could you give an idea how to implement scroll of two sections in turn? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there @donrusvlad


Thanks for being part of club GreenSock.

Yep, this looks like pinning to me! You could first pin the content on the right, then pin the left.

If you put together a minimal demo and give it a shot we'll happily help with anything you're stuck on!

pin Boolean | String | Element - An element (or selector text for the element) that should be pinned during the time that the ScrollTrigger is active, meaning it will appear to "stick" in its starting position while the rest of the content continues scrolling underneath it. Only one pinned element is allowed, but it can contain as many elements as you want. Setting pin: true will cause it to pin the trigger element. Warning don't animate the pinned element itself because that will throw off the measurements (ScrollTrigger is highly optimized for performance and pre-calculates as much as possible). Instead, you could nest things such that you're animating only elements INSIDE the pinned element.
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